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Hi reader and welcome to About Game of Thrones! My name is Ionut but some of my friends used to call me Jon. I live in Europe, most exactly Romania, otherwise known as Dracula’s country. English is my second language; Therefore, I want to apologize in advance if my spelling is not 100% correct.

As you’ve already guessed I am a big GoT fan and since you’ve made it so far, I’m sure that you’re one too. I want to share my GoT experience with you as long as you do the same thing. Okay? Cool! 🙂

A Little Story About My Game Of Thrones Passion

GoT has been a passion of mine ever since it first appeared on the TV screens back in 2011… and it continues to be. I watched the TV series countless times, purchased many collectibles and even the book series A Game of Thrones Collection by George R. R. Martin.

You might wonder… What is my favorite House? The Starks of Winterfell quickly became my favorite House back in Season 1 and continued to be until the last episode of the TV series. I had many sad moments beside every character of House Stark, but unfortunately, very few happy moments.

What about my favorite character? Good ol’ Ned? Robb, also known as the Young Wolf? Or maybe Jon Snow? You know nothing reader! Well, it might seem contradictory but it’s Tywin Lannister (gimme a break, that man was a genius). Why? Tywin was the true ruler of the Iron Throne until the last episode of season 4. The way he commanded respect amazed me… In my eyes, he was a living god.

The Final Season…

Honestly, I am not a huge fan of Season 8… Don’t get me wrong, I love episode 3 battle scene (The Long Night), but the rest of the episodes are pretty predictable and made in a hurry. GoT didn’t have the reputation of a predictable TV series until the last season; That’s the reason it has become so popular.

What This Is All About?

That’s simple… It all about passion. Even if the final season didn’t go as we all expected, you must admit that Game of Thrones still is the queen of the screens. I want to share with you all the good and the tough moments we had on the GoT journey and have fun with it! We’ll be on the same boat, sailing back to rediscover Westeros and Essos.

“What Is Dead May Never Die”

Even if our favorite TV series has ended, the story is not quite over yet. Especially with the prequels coming soon, the GoT hype train has no end in sight! Feel free to leave your comments below! 🙂

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About Game of Thrones

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